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980nm Laser Vascular Machine
blood vessels removal beauty machine Model: MH-PH980

1, Vascular lesions, Spider veins removal;

2, linear angiotelectasis; 
3, Facial flushing;
4, Removal of red blood, the body parts of telangiectasis, Rosacea and cherry hemangioma;
Work Theory:
980nm semiconductor laser reacted on target skin area, it can be highly and selectively absorbed by hemoglobin, angiotelectasis will be thermally coagulated and blocked by 980nm laser then scab and fall down, while, the surrounding tissue won`t be injured. Safety, non invasive and extremely semi laser beam emitted by fiber will only work on the angiotelectasis and avoid to injure the surrounding tissues.
Advantages :
- High quality Germany imported 980nm semiconductor laser;
- Only one treatment needed
- Special design to enable 980nm laser beam is focused onto a 0.2-0.5mm diameter range, avoiding burn the surrounding skin tissue.
- High energy up to 30W output, to ensure treatment result
- No consumable parts, the machine can work 24 hours a day.
- The high frequency creates high energy density, which could coagulate target tissue immediately, and these target tissues would be sloughed off within one week.
- Portable type, save space and shipping fee;
- Convenient for operation the aiming beam will help doctors and operators to target the angiotelectasis precisely . 
Specification : 
Laser source
semiconductor diode laser
Laser wavelength
8’ TFT color touch screen
Laser frequency
1 – 10Hz adjustable
Laser energy
1 – 30W adjustable
Laser pulse width
1 – 200ms adjustable
Aiming light
635nm red light
Working mode
Continuous, Pulse, super Pulse
Silent air cooling
Working Environment
10 – 28℃ 30~80%RH,500~1060hPa
Power Specification
AC220V/50Hz, 110V-60HZ 5A
400 x 320 x 320mm
Aluminum alloy case
Before and After Treatment:
Machine details:
Our Services
1. 12 months warranty, lifetime maintenance
2. Response within 24 hours
3. Operation manual
4. Face to face operation training
Q1: What about the delivery?
 Reply: we can offer the door to door services by air or by sea just depend on your actual request. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX… by air; and the sea transportation.
Q2: What’s the delivery time?
 Reply: 3-5 days.
Q3: What’s package?
 Reply: strong and beautiful aluminum alloy case/carton case/wooden case.
Q4: Do you have any timely technology supports?
Reply: we have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. We prepare the technical documents for you, also you can contact us by telephone, wechat, online chat (skype, whats app).
Q5: What’s the payment method?
Q6: If the machines broken during the shipment, will you support us?
Reply: generally our customer will purchase the insurance before shipment, avoid any money lost from rough transportation. We will help you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.

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