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Address: Room 503,Electricity Community,Zhishan Road,
Nanguan District,Changchun,Jilin Province,China
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1, We have a R&D group, can offer professional OEM&ODM services on software&hardware in short time.
2, We have a after-sales group, can offer timely technology supports via skype, phone, video demo and illustration.
3, All our machine with user manual together with machine which can give you best leading on machine operating.
4, We can assist you to apply for certificates.
5, Machine logo and machine shell paining are available.
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Address: Room 503,Electricity Community,Zhishan Road,Nanguan District,Changchun,Jilin Province,China
Phone: 0431-88959808   Fax: 0431-88959808   E-mail:

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